Benchmade Blue Lube Lubricant 1.25 oz

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  • Brand:Benchmade
  • Product Type:Lubricant


BlueLube not only lubricates, it prevents rust and corrosion, too. Use it with BlueLube Cleaner to flush and prep the moving parts of your knife. Both formulas work in tandem to enhance overall knife function and keep things moving like a well-oiled machine (without the build up).


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What every folding knife needs
Chris A.
This is what every folding knife must need. If you want your knives to last longer this is what you need. Easy to use and this is a bluelube all you have to do is oil all the moving parts, pivots, buttons, springs, ect. I'm glad to have this arrived on time and no complaints here, all you need is a few drops and you're good to go, this will last you over a life time depending on how much you use, a must have. I'm satisfied with my purchase and never had any problems what so ever, this will be my 2 years on bladeplay, I will always buy from again, and thanks for the free shipping.

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