Ultra Force Spring Assist Knife Army (Dagger / Black PLN)

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The Ultra Force spring assist line is sure to be a hit. These knives have a solid feel, good action, and are very utilitarian. The Ultra features a black steel frame overlayed with textured olive colored aluminum. The dagger style blade is black coated stainless steel. The blade is only sharp on one side. The Ultra knives come with a pocket clip (tip up) and a glass breaker.

The best part about the Ultra series is that they are spring assisted- just give the black coated steel blade a push on thumb-stud or the guard and the knife will push the blade out the rest of the way automatically. The blade opens smoothly and locks up tight. The Ultra has a liner lock that must be pushed to release the blade to close the knife.

Overall: 8.5"
Blade: 3.75"
Weight: 4.2oz

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