Stunzilla 650,000 Volt Stun Gun

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  • Brand:Stunzilla
  • Product Type:Stun Gun


Compared to other stun devices on the market the Stunzilla stun gun is one of the most powerful. The sight and sound of the device merely fired into the air will often be enough to scare away potential attackers (be sure to watch the video HERE). Between the two probes you’ll see the bright blue flash of electrical current and you’ll hear the menacing electrical buzz of 650,000 volts.

All of this power if packed inside a gun that is only 3 inches in height. By far the most powerful stun gun of its size.

With the built in safety there’s no need to worry about accidental discharge. You must activate the safety button before you can press the activator button. A red LED will illuminate when the stun gun is active.

The Stunzilla comes with a nylon holster for easy carry on a belt and for a limited time the Stunzilla also includes some really cool bonuses. You get a free Pepper spray, key ring and batteries for your stun gun!


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