Linder Ebony Wood Knife and Sheath (4.5" Polished)

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These are vintage knives, made in Solingen, Germany, a great find for any collector!

This particular style of knives has a handle of real ebony wood that tapers elegantly towards the polished blade. The nickel bolsters are embossed with a flowing, almsot water-like design. Nickel alloy is very soft in color, pleasing to the eye, and the nickel helps reduce the tarnishing. The blade is stainless steel with a clip point and plain edge. The blade is engraved with the "Linder Classic" line.

Along with their variety knife handles, Linder also carries a variety of sheaths; most are typically only available at additional cost, but we're including these variants at no additional charge (that's how much we love you!). This leather sheath has a metal throat and chape; on one side you see an elegant, organic pattern, while the reverse features a stylized stag and sword on the throat and a cloaked hunter with dogs on the chape. Truly a classic, nearly medieval and fit for a king's feast!

Please Note: Because the handles are of natural horn, actual appearance may vary.

Overall Length: 9.5"
Blade Length: 4.5"
Blade Width: 0.19"
Handle Length: approx. 4.75"
Handle Width: approx. max. 1" min. 0.5"
Sheath Length: 5"
Weight: 4.2 oz.


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