Chrome Skull Paracord Knuckle Keychain

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  • Width:1.50"
  • Height:2.875"
  • Thickness:0.37"
  • Hole Size:1.125"
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Finish:Mirror
  • Weight:2.55 oz.
  • Model:Skull
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Color:Gray
  • Brand:Fat Boy
  • Product Type:Knuckle


Self defense experts say that your keys make a great self-defense tool. That's especially true if this wide-mouthed guy is hanging out on your keychain. Made of chrome stainless steel, this tribal skull design knuckle features a beveled point at one end and a green paracord lanyard at the other. Slip this on a keyring or attach to a backpack as a visual statement to ne're-do-wells and ruffians alike.

Sold as a novelty item. Please check local laws before purchasing.


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Pocket-sized attitude adjustment tool ...
Joshua M.
This little item was first invented by a South Korean special ops soldier named Mr. Kim, with a company called Raid-Ops. Mr. Kim made these things out of titanium and charged upwards of $80US for them. I don't think he makes them in this style anymore, so I'm glad I have one in my collection. Since certain businessmen in certain parts of the world that may or may not be Germany and China have absolutely no shame about ripping off others' intellectual property and mass-producing cheap copies of quality handmade products, we have the item being offered for sale here. I bought one. I feel a little dirty, but I took the plunge. It's a great little item if you don't wanna spend $80-$120US (more for his knives, which Böker likes to copy) on one of Mr. Kim's items. This item, for the price of lunch and a latte, is a serious contender that could save your life. Immediately upon receiving it, you should cut off the stupid attempt at a lanyard. Wear it as a pendant, or put a real lanyard on it and drop it in your pocket. You'll forget it's there. Girls can say it's jewelry and guys can say it's a bottle opener. No problem. However, if a thug tries his luck, you can run your pinky through the hole and it's a hammerfist weapon. Run your middle finger through the hole, and it's a top-popper. Dig? It's a pretty great emergency glass breaker too.
Get one. You'll like it. I got this one, and I'm getting the pink rainbowey one for my daughter. Oh, and by the way, this item is NOT stainless steel. It doesn't pass the magnet test. It's probably aluminum.

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