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At Bladeplay we are proud of our customer service. Our customer service representatives are here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you have. We would love to hear from you!

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Website Info
What is “Bladeplay”?Return to Top

Around here we like to think of "bladeplay" as playing with knives. And by "playing," of course, we mean handling responsibly. We can't emphasize enough the need for caution while handling any sharp object (even though getting cuts builds character). The term "Bladeplay" also refers to the amount of movement a blade has once a knife is open. Ideally a blade should not move at all, even when pressure is applied in varying directions. Some knives, such as out-the-fronts, invariably have some play. Jokes about how we couldn't get the business name we really wanted hit too close to home and will not be tolerated.

Who runs this website?Return to Top

Originally the website was run by two friends named Carlisle and Warren (they just loved knives!) Carlisle was a knife enthusiast who had tons of knife connections and Warren was a programming powerhouse- after they teamed up Bladeplay was born. As of 2007 Bladeplay is run by a renegade robot known only as "Shiny" and his cohort of electric friends.

What kind of knives do you sell?Return to Top carries a large number of budget and quality manual folding knives, switchblade/automatic knives (check your local laws to see if such knives are permitted in your area of residence), spring assisted knives, a selection butterfly knives as well as an assortment of Italian knives (stilettos, lever locks, OTF Cocords, swinguards, Damascus steel collectibles etc). Some of the name brand knives we stock include Boker, Buck, Smith & Wesson, SKM, AB, AKC, and Frank B.

Do you have a catalog you can mail me?Return to Top

We don't offer a physical catalog. Our stock rotates too much.

Do you sell anything else besides knives?Return to Top

In addition to knives Bladeplay also has a huge selection of ZIPPO LIGHTERS, some budget FLASHLIGHTS, a selection of WATCHES, THROWING STARS, and SELF DEFENSE items including stun guns and batons.

Why should I buy a knife from you as opposed to some other seller?Return to Top

This is a serious question, especially with so many choices out there. I think one reason is that we really care about our customers and the quality of our service. We always try to answer your email questions within 48 hours or less (emails are generally not answered on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays) and we'll never leave you hanging if you have a problem (we're not perfect, but we'll get it right in the end). We appreciate all our customers- nothing is possible without you.

What’s the quality like on the knives you sell?Return to Top

  • This depends on the type of knife you're looking at. On Budget Autos: For the money you pay the quality is good. You can't expect a knife that will last the rest of your life, but feel free to expect a smile on your face each time you press the button on your automatic knife!
  • Name Brand knives such as the Bokers, Bucks, Colts, etc. are of the finest quality and will serve you well for years. All name brand knives we carry are authentic!
  • Can I advertise on your site?Return to Top

    No, not at this time.

    Can I link to your site?Return to Top

    You bet- please. If your website meets our standards (they change with our mood) and is not in direct competition with our website we'll be happy to link back to you.

    What’s your favorite knife?Return to Top

    Shiny: Tough one these days... I would have to say my very favorite knife right know is the Kershaw Leek.
    Mr. Roboto: My favorite knife is the Bradley Kimura II.

    Order Status
    Has my order shipped?Return to Top

    If all of your items were in-stock when you ordered, and you ordered more than 2 business days ago, your order has probably been shipped. If some of the items were actually not in stock, it is possible that your order has been delayed (If there is a delay with your order you will generally receive an email). You can check your order status HERE.

    How do I change quantities or cancel an item in my order?Return to Top

    If you need to change any quantities or cancel your order, please contact our customer service department. Please note that once an order has begun processing or has shipped, the order is no longer editable.

    How do I track my order?Return to Top

    Once an order is shipped an email is automatically sent to the email address provided on your order. Orders can be tracked by clicking the appropriate link in the shipment email. If we don't have an email address on file or if you did not receive an email shipment notification please CHECK YOUR ORDER HISTORY for shipment information. Increasingly our confimation emails are rejected by ISP filters. Please make sure emails from us are not blocked.

    Order Questions
    How the heck do I work my knife?Return to Top

    All knives are different so this isn't a question we can answer easily. We have re-uploaded our INSTRUCTIONS page and you can view it HERE. If your knife isn't on the website we'll be happy to add it for you.

    My order never arrived.Return to Top

    If your order hasn't arrived there are several possible reasons:

    Sometimes when an order is placed the credit card is declined. If this is the case then the order will not be shipped. Customer service will send you an email, but occasionally these emails end up in junk folders. Check your account to see if your order shows up in the order history. If it doesn't, then odds are the order was probably declined.

    If you chose to pay with a check or money order, then the order will not be filled until we receive it by mail. This can add processing time to the order. For further assistance, please Contact Customer Service with your order number.

    An item is missing from my shipment.Return to Top

    If an item is missing from your shipment, please Contact Our Customer Service Department for assistance. Please have your order number if possible.

    An item in my order is broken.Return to Top

    If an item in your order is broken, please Contact Customer Service within 72 hours of receiving the item.

    I received the wrong item.Return to Top

    If you feel that you have received the wrong item, please Contact Customer Service within 72 hours of receiving the item.

    What is your return policy?Return to Top

    Returns are accepted, as long as they are initiated within 60 days of receiving your order. You must complete a return request, and receive approval before shipping your return or your return will not be accepted. A return request can be completed in your account (make link). Please allow up to 3 business days for approval.

    You will be provided a pre-paid shipping label to get the item back to us.The item must be brand new and unused, including the original manufacturer packaging and paperwork. Once we receive the item we will issue a refund minus the cost of the return shipping label. Returning an item with damaged or missing packaging may incur additional fees. If the item is found to be defective return shipping costs will be waived Your refund will be issued in the same form of payment we received. We do not reimburse cost of shipping for the initial order.

    My Account
    How do I create an account?Return to Top

    1) Click HERE 2) Select "No, I am a new customer." Then, simply follow the prompts to complete setting up your account. Your information is NEVER sold to any other company and is kept completely private. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information (click HERE).

    How do I edit my account information?Return to Top

    1) Click HERE 2) Select "Yes, I have a password:" Then, enter your password. You will be able to edit your information. Simply click on the "Change" link next to any piece of information you wish to change. If you would like to change your credit card information, then you can simply make a new order and enter in the information as a new card.

    I forgot my password.Return to Top

    If you forgot your password click HERE. Then click the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the instructions.

    Shipping Policy (click HERE for complete shipping information)
    How much is shipping?Return to Top

    Shipping is $3.99 for most purchases. If you would like expediated or express shipping please take a look at our Shipping Policy Page.

    When will my order ship?Return to Top

    Your order will usually be shipped within 36 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays). If your item is not in stock, we will notify you by email.

    How long will it take my order to arrive?Return to Top

    First class delivery to anywhere in the continental USA should take 9 days or less, if you have paid for expedited shipping it will arrive sooner (excluding Sundays and Federal Holidays). Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska may take up to an additional week.

    Do you ship internationally?Return to Top

    You can view our international shipping policy HERE. Once you have read and can agree to the terms listed, please CONTACT US and we will help you place an order.

    Low Price Guarantee

    While we strive to have fair pricing there are sometime a few good deals that have our prices beat. We will be glad to match any competitor's price on identical "in stock" products from competing online stores (they must be a fully functional website- not a static HTML page with a "call us!" message). We're not going to play games though- if you email us for a price match we'll do it (if we can). But if you email us again with a "Well the other guy says now he'll go down to such and such" we're not up for it. You need to send us the item info and advertised price (direct link on the competitor's website). Please remember our prices include shipping and most other websites do not. Also, the competition must have the item in stock (not "available soon", not "drop shipable", etc.)

    Disclaimer: There may be cases where we simply can't match a price (i.e. We cannot sell an item for less than our cost, or in cases where it violates MAP or universal pricing policies). In these cases we will be upfront and ask for your understanding.

    Privacy Policy

    We value your privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy (located in our Terms and Conditions section for complete details on how we use the information we collect.


    This website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. Any infromation submitted into and through our website is secure.

    Pricing and Billing
    What forms of payment do you take?Return to Top

    We DO NOT accept PayPal or Cash, at this time.

    We DO accept:

    Credit Cards: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

    Gift Cards: In order for the Gift Cards to work, please register your Gift Card online beforehand.

    *Checks: We accept personal or business checks. Checks take between 5 to 10 days to clear. The order will be shipped once the check has cleared.

    *Money Orders: We accept all types of money orders.

    *You must call customer service to place your order. We will not accept online orders with checks or money orders as the payment method. Once the order has been submitted over the phone, reference the order number on the check/money order and send your payment to:

    400 South 1000 East
    Suite E1
    Lehi, UT 84043-3812

    (You have 20 days from the time the order was placed for us to receive the payment. If payment is not received within the 20 days, the order will be canceled.)

    We accept our Bladeplay gift certificates! You can get all of your gift certificates HERE.

    Do I have to pay sales tax?Return to Top

    If you are located in Utah you will have to pay sales tax.

    I have a question on my charges.Return to Top

    Please CONTACT US for further assistance.

    I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.Return to Top

    You can log into your account (the account link is visable in the top right hand corner of the website). Click "view order status" in the welcome box (top left of the website below the logo). You can then click on any order you have placed and see the invoice.

    When will my credit card be charged?Return to Top

    Once your order has been submitted, your credit card will be charged for the total amount of your order.

    Buyer's Guide
    How do I find my product?Return to Top

    To find the item(s) you're looking for, you may (1) use the navigation menus on the top, left & bottom of our website. (2) type a keyword into the SEARCH box. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.

    How do I navigate the site?Return to Top

    To navigate this website, simply click on a category you might be interested in. Categories are located to the left of our website. QUICK TIP: Place your mouse cursor over anything you think could be a clickable link. You'll notice that anytime you scroll over something that is a link, your mouse cursor will become a "hand". Whereas scrolling over anything that is NOT a link will leave your cursor as an "arrow". You may also type a keyword into the SEARCH box (top left of the website below the logo) to quickly find a specific product. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.

    Does your stock rotate?Return to Top


    Do you offer discounts?Return to Top

    We may do discounts for Law Enforcement and Military (we may require you to send us proof of ID). The amount discounted will depend on the item. Not all items can be discounted. For a quote, please contact Customer Service.

    Do you offer gift certificates or coupon codes?Return to Top

    Yes! You can get them HERE.

    Still have a questions? Please feel free to CONTACT US!