Byers Knife & Scissors Sharpener - Super Sharpener #1

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Item #BP-15132


  • Length:3.00"
  • Width:2.00"
  • Material:Carbide
  • Type:Pull-Through
  • Brand:Byer
  • Model:Super Sharpener
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Sharpener


Sharpening your knives, scissors, and utility blades doesn't have to be a hassle! Byers' knife and scissors sharpener is an easy to use tool that restores the edge to your everyday objects. Simply hold the knife against a flat, stable surface with the sharpened edge up. Then draw the sharpener along the length of the blade from the heal to the point. For scissors, hold the sharpener against a table or counter and draw the scissor blades through the slot. After 4 or 5 passes, your blades will be as sharp (or sharper) than when you got them!


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