The Complete Combat Karambit by Ernest Emerson (2 Disc Set)

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In this instructional series The Complete Combat Karambit, you can learn to use what Mr. Emerson has called one of the best personal Defense Weapon ever developed. This course introduces you to an entirely new and revolutionary way of fighting with a knife. Designed to exploit the advantages of the karambit knife, this amazing fighting system is hardcore, bare bones, and brutally effective.

Learn the skills, drills and manipulations that turn the Karambit knife into a whirling buzz saw of razor sharpened steel. By mastering the concepts and drills shown in this tape you will be able to turn those skills into devastating effectiveness with the Karambit knife. This tape teaches balance, coordination, manipulation, speed and power. Most importantly it explains and enhances your combat mind set, the most important weapon you posses.


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