Darex Work Sharp Guided Blade Sharpener

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  • Length:8.50"
  • Width:2.50"
  • Material:Ceramic
  • Type:Stone
  • Brand:Work Sharp
  • Model:Guided Sharpening System
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Sharpener


This Guided Blade Sharpener from Work Sharp offers everything you need to put a professional edge on all of your knives and tools. It has a user-friendly design that can be easily operated by beginners and pros alike.

Work Sharps patented Pivot-Response technology creates a consistent edge along the entire length of the blade by responding to each blades profile. This makes it so you can easily sharpen straight or curved blades with one technique, so you no longer have to learn a new sharpening technique for every blade style.

This versatile sharpener will work great with curved or straight blades, serrations, tools, hooks, fine points and much more! In the package, you will find a bench-top sharpening platform, ceramic field hone, 17 and 20 angle guides, fine grit diamond plate, coarse grit diamond plate and a user guide. This complete guided sharpening system from Work Sharp provides everything you need to professionally sharpen all of your knives and tools.

  • 9" Bench-Top Sharpening Platform
  • Pivot-Response Lock
  • Ceramic Field Hone
  • 17 and 20 Angle Guides
  • Coarse and Fine Sharpening Plates
  • User Guide

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