Tyre Truncheon Billy Club - Wood

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  • Length:19.50"
  • Weight:1 lb. 11.40 oz.
  • Material:Leather, Steel, Wood
  • Model Number:Tyre 1
  • Brand:Tyre
  • Product Type:Novelty


No, this isn't a tiny bat for miniature baseball. The truncheon is an old and trusted self defense tool. Used by police for generations, the truncheon is a useful and effective tool for jabbing, blocking, swiping, and yes, hitting. The solid wood alone would deliver a significant blow, but this Tyre truncheon has a steel rod core, so the effectiveness is even greater. It has a rib textured handle and comes with a leather wrist strap for added security. This is not a toy. As with all self-defense tools, please use caution when handling and do not allow children to play with this.


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