SKM 4" Italian Stiletto Red Keychain Kit - Flat Grind

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These little kits are a blast! You get to assemble a fully functional 4" Italian stiletto knife. Once assembled, you can use it as a keychain (you must provide your own ring, however).

Made by SKM of Italy. Stainless Steel blade, red acrylic handle. Everything you need to assemble the knife is included- even a mini screwdriver!


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Great fun
terry f.
really gives you a good idea on how they work and built just like a large stiletto. They work great. You must tighten the bolts on a regular basis or it will start opening up on its own. Also in the directions you will come to a picture off hand don't remember what it looks like but it's telling you to use needle nose pliers and clamp the knife so it comes together tightly prior to putting in the final screws. You will see and go what the heck. How I figured it out beyond me. But I'm sure that's what the diagram was telling you to do and pliers are not included in the kit. I've used these as gifts and everybody has thought it was a really good gift and all knives worked as intended just as good or better than any size stiletto you would buy prebuilt. Great fun, good for gifts, and a great EDC. Lol

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