Firecracker Mini Black D/A OTF Automatic Knife - Black Plain

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  • Overall Length:5.25"
  • Blade Length:1.94"
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Finish:Black
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:3.25"
  • Handle Thickness:0.33"
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:1.05 oz.
  • Knife Type:Double-Action OTF Automatic
  • Opener:Thumb Slide
  • Brand:Knife Tech
  • Blade Material:Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material:Aluminum
  • Model:Firecracker
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


This Firecracker Mini model features a black/satin blade and a black finished handle. The Firecracker Mini is a super small double-action OTF knife that packs a big punch. It measures just 5.25" when open and has a super slim handle for comfortable carry. The Firecracker offers decent quality overall with a "cool" factor that is off the chart. This knife is fun, but is meant for very light use.

Please Note: This is a budget OTF knife and will misfire occasionally. Keep it well lubed with a light oil; we recommend Tuf-Glide. These are sold as-is. If you are looking for a nicer knife, please view our Lightning OTF knives. CLICK HERE!


Customer Reviews

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Charlie h.
Bought one of these for $25 at a country store on vacation, needless to say im impressed at how cool and well built it was especially for the cost. Definitely buy one
Great Little OTF
Richard E.
Never had a misfire! Great little knife for opening letters and packages. A lot of fun too!
Cheap and legal
Charles P.
Got this because my Microtech UTX-70 is a bit too long to carry in town.

Has fired perfectly every time so far. Very impressive. Very easy to fire open and closed.

The blade was a little bit sharp and I made it sharper.

The handle is very nice looking, no gaps or bad paint, tight fit.

Blade play is about 1mm side to side and 2mm up and down. Nowhere near as solid as a Microtech of course, but you could buy about 10 of these for the price of a UTX-70. No worry if lost or stolen.
Going to get a double-edged one soon.
cool, real cool...
john n.
...fires open every time with no failures. I use WD40 on it, any heavier oil will cause it to jam. I lend it to my teen son to practice with. He told me when he grows up he wants to be a gangster, lol!?!? Best buy one to play around with. Buy Now...
MT clone
Chris A.
Got mine in today, nice deployment/action, came in oiled, the blade is very dull but can be sharpened, and has some wobbling on the blade. Overall no problems with it. Worth it for the money. Good knife, very small this can fit in your wallet, good mail opener. I say get one now before they all sell out or you'll be stuck for months, I'm happy with my purchase thanks again, and the best thing free shipping.
BUY IT NOW!!!!!!
chris b.
This is the best otf i have ever seen for fifteen dollars. This is a great knife, do not worry about a loose blade, it cuts fine. Then again it is fifteen dollars.
I would give this 1 star but I want to reserve that for some more terrible knife I haven't encountered yet
N L.
The action/deployment is the only okay thing about this knife. I say okay in this sentence not as a compliment, but as a statement of mediocrity -- meaning the spring usually works just fine but has its frustrating problems here and there. The blade is very very poor, but may trick you into thinking it is slightly better than this because of the stark contrast offered by the handle of this knife -- which can only be described as pure garbage. I would be embarrassed to give this knife as a gift, even if it was to the dumbest person I've met. The blade is impossible to control -- even while whittling wood or opening a bubble-wrapped package, it jiggles and is very unstable. An accident waiting to happen. Although, after seeing this, if you continue to use a knife this poor -- you can hardly call any ensuing mishap an accident.
Nice little knife!
miguel e.
The knife is loads of fun! The action on it is pretty strong. Makes a good letter opener since its really not meant for hard use.The blade sharpness out the box wasn't to my liking but like the previous review said a wet stone fixed that. Over all great price for what it is!
Fast and light!
Matthew M.
Great little knife I bought this one for my Brother-in-Law and he loves it. Only complaint is that to me the grind on the blade wasn't great. Can cut but not as great as I like it, however a wet stone fixed that. Excellent for the money and fun!

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