FrogLube System FrogTube System Precision Cleaner Kit

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  • Brand:FrogLube
  • Product Type:Lubricant


FrogLube is a revolutionary bio-based cleaner, lubricant, and protectant that is the first truly green firearms product of its kind. It out performs traditional petroleum-based based products for cleaning and maintenance tasks. Extensively field tested on various types of fire-arms and cutlery, this 'food-grade' product is non-toxic, safe to handle, and can be disposed of without hazard.

No jams. No rust. All natural and 100% safe!

The FrogLube 4 oz. Cleaner Kit includes a 4 oz. bottle of FrogLube CLP, 4 oz. bottle of FrogLube solvent, cleaning brush, syringe applicator, and 2 wipes.

Made in the USA


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