Firestone 1300 Pocket-Size Knife Sharpener

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Item #BP-15145


  • Length:3.375"
  • Width:1.00"
  • Material:Ceramic
  • Type:Pull-Through
  • Brand:Firestone
  • Model:Sharpener
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Sharpener


This innovative design from McGowan makes knife sharpening easier than ever. The FireStone sharpener uses two kiln fired ceramic discs to quickly and easily hone and sharpen blades. To begin, put the flat side of the sharpener on a level, sturdy surface. Draw the blade through the stones starting at the heel and coming through to the tip. Repeat as needed until the blade is sharpened. That's all there is to it! With this clever tool, every blade in your home will be given a new life.


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