Doom Stun Gun 3.8 Million Volts AZ984G

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  • Brand:Azan
  • Product Type:Stun Gun


Bring DOOM to those who seek to do harm.

The Azan DOOM packs 3.8 Million Volts of electricity in a handy 2-1/8" x 3.5/8" x 1" Stun Gun. It features a LED flashlight. There's just something about the sound of electricity crackling between the two probes and the bright light from the arc that makes people rethink the situation.

It is a two-step process to use this stun-gun; first the sliding switch must be in the second position and then the actual firing button must be pushed. The sliding switch in the first position activates the LED light function. Charging the Firefly is easy, simply use the included cord: plug into the bottom of the unit and plug into your wall receptacle. Instructions are included.

Weight: 4.05 oz.


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