Diamond Whetstone Sharpener For Use with DMT Aligner (Extra Fine)

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Item #BP-15062


  • Brand:DMT
  • Length:4.375"
  • Width:0.875"
  • Material:Diamond Coated
  • Type:Stone
  • Model:A4E
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Sharpener


The DMT Diamond Whetstone fine sharpener is a high quality, professional-level sharpener that makes sharpening and honing easier! Combined with the DMT Aligner, this sharpener uses real diamonds for fast sharpening. A thin layer of perforated steel is molded into a plastic base. The metal is covered with diamonds of precision size, embedded in nickel. This unique pattern of plastic and diamonds speeds sharpening and cleans away burrs. Uses water as lubrication. Note: An extreme edge can be obtained by working on progressively finer grits and finishing on extra-fine. This is a EXTRA FINE grit. Whetstone measures 4.375" long by 0.875" wide.


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