Box O'Crap - 5 Varieties of Crap!

For Reference Only: This is what you don't get when you order knives from us at full price! For Reference Only: This is what you don't get when you order knives from us at full price!
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Alright guys, it's 2017 and the Box O'Crap is back! And guess what? It's better than ever! Who knows what you'll find in there! Every single box is guaranteed to have at least 19 bladed sharp objects inside. How do I know? I packed these myself! Every box has a variety of items, and you may even find some brand names inside that you'd never expect. Many boxes include functional knives we got as samples but chose not to carry. Every box is one of a kind, but chock full of stuff for you to enjoy!

This year we've added some friends to the Box O'Crap family, here's a rundown:
  • Box O'Crap Classic: The same 19 knives plus other crap you know and love.
  • Box O'Parts: Exactly what you'd expect: a box of parts. You'll find handles, blades, screws, springs, all sorts of stuff. Not gonna lie here, this is OTF city, so if that's not your jam, stick with the classic crap. Great way to learn how an OTF does (and doesn't) work. So get your T6 and T8 ready, because you're about to build your very own franken-stab! *No guarantees on a final product, that one's on you buddy.
  • Box O'Bolts: If assembled OTFs are more your speed, try these on for size! Contains 14 assembled - but not currently functional - Bolt OTF knives. If you're not sure how an OTF goes together, why not disassemble your own before you build the franken-stab of your dreams?
  • Box O'Sheaths: Includes a variety of sheaths (at a steep discount!), but no knives or tools. Perfect for keeping your new treasures safe.
  • Box O'Bigger Crap: Again, guaranteed to contain at least 19 knives, but we had a bunch of stuff we couldn't fit these into the standard size crap box, so we filled a bigger box up to the brim with these and many more knives etc. This one's limited, get it while you can!

These gems are as-is. If you can't fix them, you could weld them together and make art, sell the steel to your local metal recycling facility for spare change, or carry a bladeless handle around for kicks. The possibilities are endless! *No returns, refunds, or exchanges on any box of crap.


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