Woody Knuckles Brushed Brass Restitution Four Finger Knuckles

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  • Width:4.30"
  • Height:2.30"
  • Thickness:0.50"
  • Material:Brass
  • Finish:Brushed
  • Weight:9.00 oz.
  • Brand:Woody Knuckles
  • Country of Origin:USA


Woody Knuckles has raised the bar with their custom line of USA made knuckles. These are super hot and usually sell out quickly! Pick em' up before everyone else finds them! These knuckles are made from a single piece of 1/2" thick brass and brushed finish. Four hole design with skull engraving. Fits up to ring size 12. Heavy, compact, super sturdy and designed with maximum comfort in mind.

These knuckles are perfect for clubbing, light yard work, and the occasional trip into the slums. For novelty purposes only.


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