The Heavy Weight OTF Automatic Knife (Chrome / Satin PLN)

Chrome Handle Chrome Handle
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The Heavy Weight OTF automatic is a double action OTF knife- it fires in & out automatically by way of the front mounted sliding trigger. The stainless steel blade is single edge with a dagger style blade. The body is heavy chrome finished metal- ideal for self defense applications even when the knife is closed! The action on the knife is surprisingly smooth and it works reliably. This knife is slim and similar to more expensive OTF knives. This is a light duty knife- it's fun, it's convenient, but the bottom line is that it's a letter opener. The screws at the bottom of the handle may need lock-tite, as they do have a tendency to loosen with use.

Weight: 6.8 oz
Blade: 3.25"
Overall: 8"


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