Scoundrel Silver Balisong Butterfly Knife - Satin Plain

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  • Overall Length:8.875"
  • Blade Length:4.00"
  • Cutting Edge:3.25"
  • Blade Thickness:0.11"
  • Blade Material:440
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:Hollow
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.875"
  • Handle Thickness:0.51"
  • Handle Material:Stainless Steel
  • Weight:5.75 oz.
  • Sheath:Nylon
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Best Use:Recreation
  • Color:Gray
  • Model:Scoundrel
  • Brand:Folder-Tec
  • Product Type:Knife


The Scoundrel Butterfly knife is heavy-duty and very durable! These knives are heavy and feel great when flipping. Silver colored solid metal handles, skeletonized for that classic butterfly look. Stainless steel blade with a high satin finish. These are great flippers at a great price. Impress all your friends and foes when you whip this thing around.


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Incredible Balisong!!!
Chris H.
I have purchased about five different butterfly knives and, believe it or not, this is the best one I've owned. I've spent up to 50 bucks and, for some reason, this is the knife that's held up to all my abuse! I have looked up Balisong tricks on YouTube and this knife is PERFECT! The weight and balance is centered to perfection. The ONLY issue is the tang pin. It comes loose very quickly. You can use LockTight but I found that using nail polish works just as well. Clear or colored, it doesn't matter. Once you get it "locked up", you're good to practice all the tricks you've learned. Check out YouTube/ bite handle
First balisong, so sad I lost it
Anna M.
This was my first balisong I've been flipping my trainer for a while so I figured I'd get an inexpensive one, I loved this knife a lot. Felt really nice in my hand and it was pretty smooth flipping. I'm so sad because I lost it recently and I wanted to order another one, but this colour was sold out :( hopefully it'll be back soon.
Fantastic Bali, but...
Michael B.
I loved this particular balisong out of all the others I've had because it was really heavy. It'd smack my knuckles so I hard that I've had to stop and sit down for a while. However... The one I bought completely broke after exactly two months and one week.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I'm not a mere casual flipper; I average 28 hours a week of constant flipping. The cheapo-bali I owned before this one lasted 20 hours and the Scoundrel lasted about 250 hours. I break balisongs one after the other. I've gotten used to it. I feel that I've gotten at least $40 out of the Scoundrel from the amount of time I've invested flipping with it.

Want to know what 250 hours of hardcore flipping will do to this particular knife? Well,

-Two broken brass pins
-One broken safe handle
-One heavily chipped latch
-Four huge groves in the handles from the tang pin
-Significant wear and tear all over (the safe hand itself started to turn a copper color)

My only real problem with this knife is that the handle is made of a very soft steel. While it can absorb impact shock very well (which is the root cause of handles snapping in two), any imperfection in the handle will lead to handle breakage. The soft handles also allow the hard tang pin to dig into them, creating jagged edges that I've ripped clothes and skin on.

Are you about to buy this knife? Want my honest opinion?

If you want something to flip or train with, buy it. It's worth it. As a trainer, it lets you build the muscles you'll need for flipping and it also lets you do tricks slower than other balis because of its weight. Imperfections happen though, so I'd advise looking over your newly purchased Scoundrel as soon as you get it. Especially near the forks of the handles.

Some tips for you about upkeep:
-Use DW40 or some kind of oil to loosen the handles if they tighten up
-Flatten both ends of the tang pin preemptively. It'll save you the trouble of finding it when it pops loose
-Dull the blade with a brick or stone completely if you plan to flip this one a lot. If you grab the bite and let the heavy safe hand fall on you, the blade will go to the bone
-If your brass pins break, replace them with steel nails meant for a nail gun (or similar). They work perfectly.
-When the divots in the handles start flaring out the sides and make jagged edges, sand or hammer them down.

I'm definitely buying another one.
Good looking knife
Richard H.
Bit tight to begin with but after using it a while it loosened up. The only complaint is no tang pin in the closed position. Now the handle lock is not as snug as it should be when closed, which is not good. Still a good looking knife and not bad for the price.
Best Knife I've Had
Wade A.
- Has lasted 5 months so far.
- Has a hefty weight, if you're into that, which I am.
- No rust, even though I dropped it in a lake.
- Bent a little bit at the handles closest to the blade from vigorous flipping, although was easily fixed with a blow off a hammer. Took it like a champ too.
- I do recommend the silver version because the paint on the other versions just doesn't flip right in the hand in my opinion.
- Comes sharp
- The tang pin itself hasn't moved or gotten squished by the handles whatsoever.
- Latch is basically useless within a week of flipping the knife. I broke it off with my handy dandy hammer so it wouldn't get in the way.
- *** Handles will touch when the knife is open and closed within a few weeks. It doesn't bother me as this was just a practice knife, but if you're going to actually cut things with this knife, be warned. When you grasp the knife in the open position, the tang pin, being slammed into the handles repeatedly, will wear somewhat large divots into the handles. When the handles are touching in the open position 'there will still be some space for the blade to wiggle'. The blade will not completely lock open. But this was after 2-3 months of vigorous flipping.

Final thoughts: Well built cheap knife that will last you a year of hard flipping or a lifetime of mild use.
tagpen is lose
William D.
The first day I got it the tangpen is lose but everything else is ok, the blade is very sharp and the handles do have some wiggle. I think that's ok so I'm going to let that slide.
It's Nice, For The Price
Justin P.
Got the knife 4 days after ordering it just like it said! The tang pin was loose, but I used a hammer to cap off the ends of the pin so it can't slip out. The blade was surprisingly sharp! My one complaint other than the tang pin is my knife only has 1 end of the pin capped off on the Safe Handle and it gets sloppy to flip, I'd just smash it in a vice one in a while for a temporary fix.
Very nice for the price, weak tang pin.
Jasper N.
It is a very sturdy, heavy knife, that came the exact day it said it would. It has a medium amount of wiggle in the handles after about a week of extensive flipping. The tang pin came out the fourth day, but I hammered it back in, and it hasn't budged since. The blade is very sharp, I know because I cut myself 13 times on the first day. The only complaint I have is the tang pin.
Misleading video
Daniel J.
I got the knife and it's pretty great. No problems, however, the video states that the blades has a mirror finish when it does not. That disappointed me but other than that I have had no issues.
Scoundrel knives, man.
Calvin W.
All the scoundrel knives are the same, but with different paint. So don't go thinking that there is a difference between them. This is a review for them in general, and as the name implies, these balisong are AMAZING for the price.

Pin construction, which makes for better flipping and durability than screw construction, as the screws can sometimes fall out. And when they're in tight, they can get in the way of the knife. But this blade has the better option, equipped with pin construction.

Then there's the handle. I can't tell you how glad I am that the handles aren't cheap 440 pot metal like the Regal Flippers. They are legit stainless steel, which makes for GREAT durablility, and that's good, because durability is such a big problem for cheap bali-songs, which are known to bend and break easily.

The knife itself isn't all that different from other cheap bali-songs out there, but you can't complain either.

Overall, five stars hands-down. This knife is everything you'd want in a beginner's bali-song. It's durable, pin construction, good metal, and unbeliavably cheap. But notice that I said BEGINNER'S bali-song, just because it's durable and flips easily. But I TOTALLY recommend this knife over every other cheap bali-songs out there. 5/5
Great knife for beginners.
Michelle G.
First off, bladeplay's shipping is amazing. I ordered this knife on thursday and it arrived on monday. As for the knife, it was a bit tight but works well once you loosen it up. The knife doesnt lock in the open position, but its something i can overlook because of bladeplay's great service.
Great knife for the money.
Jeff S.
Nice and sharp. Awesome knife I love it. Great budget bye.
Great deal
Chris A.
I got mine in. Came in perfectly razor sharp out of the box flips nicely, has some weight on to it, over all great knife a good way to start for beginners, you don't have to worry about screws retightening every time they come loose, good for the price and free shipping no complaints here.
Its okay for the price
Mike M.
It's good but a little too heavy. I don't know mabey I'm a little picky when it comes to knives but I can't easily do more of the rollover tricks with heavier balis. But its good for people juat getting into the flipping game but I would rather save up for one of the benchmades or at least bear ops.
Dylan J.
I can't express how great this is. I've had this knife about three (+) months and I have not had a single issue with it. Its hard to find inexpensive knives of this quality and with the pin construction you don't have to worry about tightening screws.

Pros: feels solid in the hand, easy to flip, and sturdy.

Cons: will not lock in the open position, but given the price and quality I can easily overlook this.

Overall, I do recommend this knife to anyone looking for something to keep their hands busy with.
brandon L.
Came by perfectly.
Good beginner balisong
Joshua G.
The knife itself is great. I haven't had any troubles with it in the 2 days I've had it. I ain't heavy flipping tho. For beginners id recommend this knife the blades not to share and it handles good.
Good Knife
Daniel P.
For the price it is a very good Knife. It is heavier then my other knifes but I like it.

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