Meyerco Medium Sovereign Ceramic Folding Knife Blackie Collins (3.4" Plain)

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This Blackie Collins designed knife features a ceramic blade for an ultra-sharp and long-lasting edge. The blade is a modified spear point with a reversible thumb stud. The machined aluminum handle, with the steel liner lock frame, has face grooves and notches placed strategically along the handle edge. Includes a lanyard hole and pocket clip for tip-down carry.

Overall Length: 7.8"
Blade Length: 3.4"
Handle Material: Aluminum
Locking Type: Linerlock
Blade Material: Ceramic
Weight: 4.4 oz.

Limited Forever Warranty

WARNING: Meyerco ceramic knives are exceptional cutting instruments but are not intended for chopping or cutting hard items and are not to be used for whittling. Please exercise caution when using ceramic bladed knives. Due to their extreme hardness, which is why they do need to be sharpened as often as a steel blade, they are brittle. Therefore, blade breakage of chipping is not covered under warranty. This knife is not designed for pounding or prying.


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