Jeans Knife Italian Folding Butterfly Knife (3.6" Blade)

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Own this piece of Italian history today. Manufactured in Managio Italy in the 80's as a limited run for the German market.

The Jeans Knife has twin handles with integral springs that are similar to a conventional slip joint folder. The great thing about this design is that once it's opened it will never close inadvertently. The handles features steel frames with black plastic handles. The blade is stainless steel and stamped "Rostfrei." This is a classic knife that can be carried legally in most places.

The Jeans Knife is designed to mimic a traditional Balisong or Butterfly knife in every respect but one Ė it canít be opened with one hand! So the Jeans Knife is not a switchblade, gravity knife, or assisted opener as it canít be opened without the use of both hands.

Overall Length: 8.1"
Blade Length: 3.6"
Weight: 3.2 oz.


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