Guard Father Spike OTF Automatic Icepick (Stinger Orange)

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The Guardfather (as this device is often called) features a stainless spike that shoots out the front of the handle. The release button is under the shirt clip. The clip can be rotated to expose the button or to cover it, preventing accidental firing. What do you do with the spike, you ask? We have no idea- it could be used as an ice pick, glass breaker, or for lifting hot meat off a grill (we tried it- works great). And of course you can always "Jack Bauer" someone in self defense- this type of spike was featured in Fox's 24 television series. The spike is 440 stainless steel and the body is orange anodized aluminum. Shirt clip for easy carry.

Overall Length: 9.5"
Spike: 3.5"
Weight: 2.4 oz.


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