Cold Steel Black Battle Star Shuriken - Black Plain

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Everyone likes throwing knives! The simple sport of throwing a knife is fun. And no sound is more satisfying then a thrown knife as it “thunks” and sticks a wooden target. Whether you’re skilled at knife throwing or are just starting out, you know there’s also no fun in missing the target.

One solution is the Shuriken or throwing star. Used for centuries in China and Japan, it consists of no more than a flat piece of steel with 3 or more points. If you throw it overhand like a baseball, side arm, underarm or back hand like a flying saucer, it hits on at least one point every time.

Cold Steel's Battle Star is unlike the cheap, shoddy throwing stars you see at flea markets, guns shows, and in martial arts magazines. It’s made of extra thick, laser cut high carbon steel that’s been heat treated to a hard spring temper and is protected by a black, baked on, epoxy finish. Fully sharpened and will stick every time. Measuring at 10.375" by 10.375", this is Cold Steel's largest throwing star.


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