Blackout PrepCord 550 Paracord w/ Fishing Line (100') USA

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  • Length:100 ft.
  • Color:Black
  • Rating:550 lb.
  • Brand:PrepCord
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Paracord


There doesn't seem like much you can do to improve on the basic 550 paracord. The new 550 PrepCord begs to differ! Running the entire length of the core, is a strand of 8 lb test mono fishing line, along side the regular 7 inner strands. In addition to the uses of regular paracord, with a 100' strand of fishing line, the uses of PrepCord are almost infinite!

Fishing Line Uses:
  • Fishing. Attach it to a pole or stick, or use it as a set line.
  • Sewing. Great for sewing tears in clothing or gear.
  • Perimeter. Set up perimeter around your camp to warn of intruders or animals.
  • Shelter. Use the line with a tarp to create a temporary shelter.
  • Repairs. Use it to fix a broken strap or zipper on your pack. More durable than thread.
  • Hundreds of other uses!

100 feet of Blackout Nylon Paracord- contains 7 black interior strands and one strand of 8 lb test fishing line. Ideal for a multitude of uses. Made in the U.S.A. by a certified government contractor.

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